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Book II of the In the Night Series

Abandoned - Part I of the In the Night Trilogy: 

      Where do your run in the middle of the night when you have to get out of your house?   Abandoned plunges the reader into the story of seventeen-year-old Holly Locke, whose home life is barely tolerable at the best of times.  She starts a job that will allow her to move away from her parents and thinks she's finally found acceptance and security, until she witnesses three vampires feeding.  Holly is attacked, changed to save her life, and is falling in love with Parker.  But Parker is human, and every kiss drives her closer to her uncontrollable desire to drain him.

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Mira: Part I of The Mira Trilogy

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     Mira plunges the reader into the life of Lexi, a college sophomore who finds her genetic legacy is changing her from human to Miran.  The Mirans crashed on Earth thousands of years ago and hve been protecting humans from another alien race that came to conquer the planet.  Lexi copes with her altered life, faces dangers, and falls in love while becoming the catalyst fro events that could change the balance between the alien races.